Nothing’s as annoying as a scratch on the lenses of your new glasses right? So it’s important to know when ordering new glasses that not all lenses are equally susceptible to getting scratched. Crizal lenses are coated with a scratch-resistant layer that will protect them from most everyday accidents.

After years of research, development and testing, we created an extra thin protective layer called the SR Booster™ (Scratch Resistance), which optimizes interaction between the different layers, and strengthens the whole lens stack. The result: better scratch resistance than ever.


Light reflecting off the surface of your lenses can make it difficult to see clearly. Especially when driving at night. This can be a strain on your eyes and cause headaches. Reflections also stop people seeing your eyes clearly – which is a real pity because each of us have unique retinas, part of what makes us the beautiful individuals we are!

Crizal lenses are designed using extremely thin mineral layers that prevent light from interfering with the surface of the lens, thereby eliminating glare and reflections.



Tired of looking at the world through smudges and fingerprints? Crizal lenses are ultra smudge-resistant to help you maintain extra-clear vision throughout the day. And if you do get a fingerprint on your Crizal lens, it will be much easier and quicker to clean away than an ordinary lens.

Our patented HSD Process™ (that stands for High Surface Density) is a unique technology that optimises the performance of the anti-smudge treatment while increasing the density of hydrophobic and oleophobic molecules on the surface of the lens. The result: grease is repelled and the lens stays cleaner and clearer longer.


Dust is just one of the many things that can obscure your vision. Thankfully, Crizal’s advanced technology is electrostatically formulated to keep dust away.

Inspired by aerospace and fibre-optic technologies, Essilor’s R&D department developed i-Technology™—an exclusive innovation that creates an anti-static layer to repel dust and prevent light diffusion for optimal vision.



The last thing you want is to have to wipe your eyeglasses every few seconds when it’s rainy outside. With Crizal, you don’t have to. We turn eye glasses in to dry glasses!

Crizal lenses feature a layer of hydrophobic molecules that minimize water adherence. In addition, Slide-FX™ technology, developed by Essilor, makes water drops roll into tiny balls and simply slide off without a trace.


Ultra Violet rays are as harmful to your eyes as they are to your skin and, unfortunately, our eyes are constantly exposed to them.

Beware: all lenses are not equal in terms of UV protection: Only Crizal lenses offer the best protection on the market. The Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) is a new index developed by Essilor, and endorsed by an independent 3rd party, certifying the UV protection your lenses provide. Crizal’s Broad Spectrum Technology™ eliminates the UV rays that are reflected into the eye from the back of the lens, without compromising lens transparency. And that means better long-term health for your eyes.



UV rays aren’t the only type of harmful rays. Blue-Violet light can also damage your eyes and unfortunately, most of us are increasingly exposed to this form of radiation, as it is emitted by most digital devices – such as your smartphone, your tablet, your TV and your computer.  Even ambient LED light! This can expose your eyes to the risk of long-term damage. Crizal Prevencia is a smart filter treatment that helps ensure the long-term health of your eyes while offering long-lasting clarity of vision.

Crizal Prevencia lenses feature our breakthrough selective light-filtering technology called Light Scan™. This filters out harmful blue-violet light to protect retinal cells, while ensuring that your eyes receive the essential turquoise-light required to preserve your sleep patterns and overall well-being.